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 Frequently Asked Questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions. Empty
PostSubject: Frequently Asked Questions.   Frequently Asked Questions. EmptySun Feb 01, 2009 9:39 pm

- What is Emergency Service Unit?
- Do you patrol on every island?
- Do you guys take this really seriously?
- Can I try Realism before I join?
- I'm really good. Why do I need to go to Police Academy?
- I ran a clan before, can't I just skip ranks?

What is Emergency Service Unit?
Emergency Service Unit is a clan re-enacting the police officers of the New York Police Department. Our codes, ranks, medals and in game maneuvers are based what the NYPD would do in real life situations. We have weekly patrols where we would go around one of the islands in Liberty City and serve and protect the civilians of the city. This is a gameplay that everyone can enjoy. We have a cop team and a crook team. We play Free Roam and Team Deathmatch patrols. We prefer to have patrols in Free Roam due to the fact of being able to put "prisoners" in the back of the patrol vehicles unlike with Team Deathmatch which does not allow you to do so. The 10 codes we use are easy to remember with experience and keep radio chatter minimal just like with real life dispatching.

Do you patrol on every island?
Liberty City is too big for us to patrol at once. We only patrol one island at a time, depending on the size of the patrol depends on which island we play on. However, when we do free roam patrols improvisation is key and we may change islands at the "drop of a dime" to improve gameplay. One example is if we have a very dangerous prisoner in custody (wanted for homicide, assault on an officer...etc) we might have been patrolling on Bohan but will take the prisoner to the maximum security penitentiary on Alderney.

Do you guys take this really seriously?
There is a certain seriousness to how we run things. While you're at patrols, you're there to learn, not just goof around. We also expect people to respect each other, and always listen to those higher in rank. We also try to keep things organized and not waste people's time.

At the same time, we do enjoy goofing around. In addition to patrols, we also organize entirely silly events. We also have a forum where our members chat about pretty much everything. Our members tend to enjoy the realism, but also the community-like atmosphere that develops. Basically like every official clan, when you're here you are treated as family- despite how long you've been with us. From the moment you become an official ESU officer you will see this reflected immediately.

Can I try Realism before I join?
We hold "Weekend Patrols" events which are open to everyone on Saturday and Sunday. Announcements regarding one are usually posted a few weeks in advance in the announcements area of our forums.

I'm really good. Why do I need to go to Police Academy?
Being in the ESU is not all about skill. Some of our lowest ranking members are better shots than some of our higher-ranking ones. As mentioned above, a big part of Police Academy is teaching you how to work as a team, and apply skills to realism game-play. A higher ranking member may not necessarily have the fastest reflexes, but he can lead a team to victory and out-think you. Being in PA also helps you get to know other members of the unit and gets you used to how our unit works.

I ran a clan before, can't I just skip ranks?
No. You'll have to prove yourself to us first.
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Frequently Asked Questions.
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