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 What we expect from you!

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What we expect from you! Empty
PostSubject: What we expect from you!   What we expect from you! EmptyMon Jan 19, 2009 7:01 pm

Welcome, potential Police Officer, to the Recruitment Office. In order to be considered for acceptance as a member, the following criteria must be met prior to and after submitting your application for assignment to the Emergency Service Unit.

1. Activity
2. Maturity
3. Approval Status

1. Activity - This means that prior to posting your application, and afterward, and especially if you're accepted, stay active. Play on Grand Theft Auto IV, and post on the forums, make a topic or reply to others; treat it like a normal discussion board, that's what the General Discussion board is there for. In order to even be considered, you must be seen to be active. In order to be accepted you must be endorsed by a minimum of 2 or more members, so you'll want to hang around, get to know people so they can see what you're all about. If you simply post an application and no one sees you around, your chances of being accepted are non-existent.

2. Maturity - Here in the Emergency Service Unit we take a much more conservative standpoint on maturity and bearing than much of the realism community. In order to be considered for acceptance, you must display a strong level of maturity, show us that you're fairly intelligent and not the run of the mill gamer. This isn't to say you can't have fun, but obviously we don't want to see you making a mockery of yourself and the Emergency Service Unit.

3. Hurry up and wait - Due to the above points, joining the ESU is not a same day process. A new applicant can expect to wait anywhere from 2 or 3 days for their application to be accepted. Applicants are accepted at the discretion of the Command Staff. Furthermore, loyally waiting shows the unit you are dedicated and willing to work for your spot in ESU.

These are the basic rules. If accepted, you will have access to the unit handbook, in which these will be further broken down and explained much more in depth to be sure you have the procedures down, further instruction will occur in Police Academy.

Once your application is posted, it will be reviewed by our staff and a reply will be given to your original topic. An accepted, pending, or denied status will be given to your application. Once done you will also have your forum display name changed to your Xbox Live Gamertag, your log in name and password will remain the same.

Good luck,
Captain NBRYANT24. [Honorable Discharge]
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What we expect from you!
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